HOW TO GET Jehovah's Witnesses TO LISTEN

by ex-JW David A. Reed

STOP JWs are programmed NOT to look at information critical of their organization. A JW shown this information will likely walk away and never speak to you again -- unless special techniques are used.

Ask the JW for HELP with your QUESTIONS

With the same papers in your hand you could say:

"Look at this! I have evidence that your religion is a cult. Look at the proof in these photocopies. See! I told you so!"

But that goes directly against the JW's programming. He or she will feel obligated to refuse.

-- or, you could say:

"Can you help me? I'm interested in your religion, so I've been doing some research -- in the public library and on the Internet. These papers are copies of pages from Watchtower publications. They have led to a lot of questions. Can you help me with my questions?"

That will almost certainly bring a favorable response. JWs believe that only they have the answers. And they are trained to help people.

When asked to HELP by answering your QUESTIONS a JW will look at papers he would have refused to examine in a negative confrontation.

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