HOW TO GET Jehovah's Witnesses TO LISTEN

by ex-JW David A. Reed

Undermine the Foundation

The central foundation of Jehovah's Witness beliefs -- the main doctrine on which all of the other doctrines depend -- is the one that must be targeted first.

This is their belief that their organization is God's channel of communication, God's authoritative spokesman or mouthpiece. Before you can successfully challenge Watchtower doctrine, you must first undermine the Watchtower Society's authority to teach that doctrine.

Again, however, there are approaches that work and other approaches that are doomed to failure. One strategy that Christians often try without success is to quote recognized authorities on biblical Greek and on Bible interpretation, to show that the JW translation and the organization's interpretation are untrustworthy. That approach doesn't work.

Although the Christian may accept the authority of renowned Greek scholars and theologians, the JW views such men with suspicion. Not being part of "God's organization," such outside authorities are clearly part of Satan's organization in the JW's mind. That explains why they take a different stand on Bible translation and interpretation.

In JW thinking, God's organization must be correct, and anyone disagreeing with it must be wrong -- even great names held in awe by the academic community or the world at large. Library reference books, encyclopedias and Bible dictionaries are all wrong if they disagree with the Watchtower Society.

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